Problematic Art Shop 🌧 (CLOSED)


I will be officially closing this little “shop” on August 6th, 2019

RIP. “Problematic Art Shop Jan 6th 2019- Aug 6th 2019”
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What exactly this means in general or for you specifically can be found below, I’ve answered some questions that might come up

As of right now I don’t have any plans on reopening any time soon. That being said, who knows, maybe in a few months, I will.

The primary reason is just to open up some free time. This will give me more time to focus on other things. I have a story I plan on continuing, and another that I’m planning that will take ages to finish cuz I’m an unorganized mess that plans stuff before he finishes what he’s already started. Not to mention, this will also give me more of a chance to experiment with my drawn art more, which I don’t do often.

The requests that have been accepted (aka the people that are on the waiting list) will STILL get their stuff. I’m planning on having all the current requests done by the 6th. This means the people listed above will still get what they requested, but they may still cancel the request of course: @rainbowunicorn281042 @CancerousLove @urlocalepisodewriter @soul_babies @Alex12341

I’m an idiot sometimes; if I forgot about your request and/or it isn’t on the waiting list, just let me know, and I will obviously still do your request in addition to the requests on the list.

At the moment I believe I am only in one official group art shop on here, which is closed. IF it does re-open, I may take some requests there, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m apart of Red Rubies art shop. I’m also joining an instagram group, but my role there is mainly for like spot/directing templates and such, as well as backgrounds and overlays. We haven’t opened yet so you can’t request there, but if you are interested, just dm me and I’ll let you know when we open. There are also several other very talented artists that do drawn art in the group, so if you need any of that and have insta, I encourage you to keep yourself updated. Otherwise, there are plenty of other art shops that do drawn art on here.

Leading up to the 6th, I will obviously be working on requests, and you may still submit requests if you want to and I will do them, even if they are submitted close to the closing date or just before. It just means you’ll be getting them a little later.

If you for some reason still want to request from me after I’ve closed you can TRY pming me on here. I say try because it is not a guarantee that I do the request, especially if I’m busy. But maybe if I am more free sometime later, I might come back in and check if you still need it.

This goes with the question above; if you do for some reason want to request, I will be doing different kinds of requests through pms. Any request that is too complex I most likely won’t be able to do. I would be open to doing overlays the most, followed by edited splashes and edited covers. The rest is less likely but it doesn’t mean there’s no chance of me accepting. I will still also consider: Background requests, edited/drawn character edits/profile pics, drawn covers, drawn splashes and MAYBE art scenes, though that is probably the least likely, but just depends on the details of the request. I’m also opening the door to a couple new things, but beware I’m still a noob so you might not exactly be satisfied with the results: I’m opening the door to pose requests and directing-related help. I’m by no means a good director, so first of all, I might not even be able to solve an issue if you’re having one, but I’ll try. As for the poses, I probably wouldn’t be able to do too complicated ones either.

If you need anything else that I didn’t end up listing, just ask me through a pm and I’ll let you know if I will/can do it or not. Either I didn’t list it because I forgot, or I didn’t list it because the chances of me doing it was low, but again, just depends on the specifics of the request.

This goes with the above 2 posts. If you do still want to request, while I don’t have an official request form so to speak, it would be nice if you tried to include all, or at least as much of the information, as possible about the request. Also, don’t hesitate to go into detail.

Generally the things I will need for splashes, covers and character edits are: Background details if you have any, poses if relevant, any kind of text, additional information, and character details. While we’re on the topic of character details, it’s ok if you forget something obviously, but details that are often forgotten are the face, nose, and brow. (And brow color if in LL)

For backgrounds and overlays: Just what it should look like, anything that needs to be in it, if characters are involved, character details again. Colors, specifics, etc. If I need anymore info I’ll ask you if I’m unsure.

Directing: The issue, if there is one, otherwise, what you need help with. Script if there is one. Any specifics, again, I’ll ask if I need some more.

These are just general details of some of the most likely requests, but if I didn’t include a “form” just message with as much info as possible about whatever else you actually need, and I’ll ask if I need anything.

Anyway, I think that’s about it. If anything’s unclear, just ask, and I’ll answer. Also if you make a request through dms rather than here before it closes (or after), I don’t mind you checking in. Matter of fact, it’s preferred, cuz I’m in several chats, and if I forget about your request for a while, then it will just go under due to the chats that I’m in, and by simply posting something to remind me, even if it’s just one word or an emoji to bump it up, it will ultimately help us both as I’ll remember and ultimately get it done sooner. A little bump every 5 to 7 days doesn’t hurt, as a guideline I suppose, for easier requests maybe even 2 to 3.

That’s all for now I think!

PEACE :v:t5: