Problematic Art Shop 🌧 (CLOSED)

I’ll most likely get a set or two done tomorrow, and then I’ll see how things are with other requests; if i can get another done or if I’ll give you just those since the rest would take a while


Ok, so I’ve made the overlays for half of the ones you need :slight_smile: For the rest, it’d take longer and since you need them rather soon, here’s the list of overlays you’d still need:

  • The set of four attack overlays for water
  • The set of four attack overlays for earth
  • The set of four attack overlays for light
  • The set of four attack overlays for darkness

I did lightning, fire, darkness and air.

Here you are :smiley::




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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Could I request an overlay?

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yeah, post the details :sparkling_heart:

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U know the tv scenes? Would u be able to make like couch chairs and a couch that faces rear?

Yeah i could find some or give it a shot; is there any other details about what they should look like, like color?

Well, this is the background I’m using, so any color you think would look good, I trust your sense. :rofl::rofl::grin:

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You wouldn’t happen to have a positive pregnancy test overlay would you?? If you do, I’ll make sure to credit you in my first story called Ganglands!! Thanks in advance!!

@MissKat97 Yeah I made one further up Problematic Art Shop 🌧

@SelenaKnight3101 Ok a rear of a couch I actually already had, here.

I have a chair too but it might not fit with the background, though I could try to adjust it. I didn’t know if you wanted me to add a chair to the background tho if the couch takes up this much space, so I wanted to ask u first, it’s up to you. :slight_smile:

This is how it currently would look. I can also change the couch’s color to something else

The couch is fine. Thxs!:grin: Your gonna change the couch into a png right?

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No problem. Wait wtf it was a png—BRB :skull:

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Here haha

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Thanks Againnn!:grin:

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you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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@SkyM Here are your overlays; I didn’t know if you needed the dogs to be standing, laying, or sitting

@minnehaaa Heeeere, didn’t know if you wanted a side view or not so here’s 2 different ones. Also never made a blush overlay before so you’ll have to test it lmao


@Valgumdrop Let me know if you need something changed


Thank you @Problematic_Patrick

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