Problematic Art Shop 🌧

Your covers are done; would you like anything changed? :sparkling_heart:

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Anything to not make her look like a granny is aight

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For both of the covers could you make the guy face the other way and the girl as well, and could ou move her head down a bit, thanks! Xxx

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Like this?

Yes! But could you make her mouth a little bit smaller?

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This small?

That’s a bit too small, just her normal mouth size

The first example was her normal mouth size, I didn’t actually alter it, but I can still make it (second example) a little bigger if you’d like? :woman_shrugging::sparkling_heart:

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Your covers are done. Let me know if you’d like something changed. :sparkling_heart:

I have a question about the background. Do you want the characters to be IN the journal/book or are the characters supposed to be in the foreground, separate from the background?

I was thinking of having them IN the book. If it’s easier on you to keep the characters in the foreground, though, I’m totally fine with that too. :slight_smile:

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Do you want anything changed? I added an effect to the characters on the large cover, but idk if you’d like it so I can take it off if you’d like :grin:

Yes please xx

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Would you like anything else changed?

so wait, r u doing this for free?! cuz it would be great if I could get a cover!! I’m sadly broke…

so wait do u do this for free?!

Yes, I do. :sparkling_heart:

can u make me a cover plz! I’m broke so it would mean a lot, and I’m new to this sorta thing…

Sure, I’m gonna need some details about what you want. Like if you want characters on it or not, etc.

Ok, thx! I would like characters on it, and I will get you the details! brb.

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