Problematic stories

I’m sorry. I just can’t. This has made me sick. I don’t know how to emphasize how wrong that is so I’m just repeatedly quoting @Cee. What kind of an author doesn’t really consider what message they’re sending when it comes to sex of any kind? I think about it a lot and I barely include it in my own. I’ve had fanmails of people telling me I should show more and describe it in detail. You know what else I’ve also had? 12 year olds follow me! Idk why they’re on the app, let alone stupid enough to put their age in their bio, but they do. They exist and the read my story where I make the occasional dirty joke. Do I break guidelines? No. Would I consider any of my scenes to be problematic? No. But I always ALWAYS ALWAYS do “really consider” what I’m including and how it will come across to those 12 year old readers I have. A story is just a story, sure. But words hold a lot of power and for someone with over 1 million readers to not “really consider” how such scenes and topics can be dangerously impressionable, especially by the way they’re specifically portraying it, is completely beyond me.