Problematic stories

Because it’s dramatic and people like drama lol (just being honest)


Lol true.

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So I’ve never been on the Episode forums before, but I had to come here and see if anyone else reacted the way I have to this story, and I think I just played the same one you’re talking about. Is this one where the love interest lies about assaulting her, and then it turns out the OTHER love interest walked in on him assaulting her but left? It’s also entirely possible two different stories use this same horrible plot point. In any case, I had to stop playing.

Omg girl yes it’s the same story. :face_vomiting:

Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with this reaction. When I saw how many readers it had, I couldn’t believe it either!

I read one where this happened too! And I had really liked the story up until that point.

I don’t love when an MC gets trashed and/or has sex with some jerk I’d rather ignore, but it’s more of an issue for me as well if the author pretends I have a say in that stuff and then ignores my choice. I appreciate it when authors are at least up-front about the fact that I won’t get a say in certain things. There’s something troubling about pretending we can consent to a sex scene and then ignoring our choice when we don’t


So true
Irl ppl would be angry but since its a story they wanna keep it for the drama >-< hate illusions of choice especially in a “choose ur own story” game like episodes
Hate episodes with drunk makeout or more scenes…

big grimace

You know what?

Unfortunately, that’s Episode for you.


What is the name of the story? Man it’s stupid to have a love interests that is abusive af.

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Man I really can’t get into Game Of Thrones. Too much for me! :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:


Its such a good serie, its just that little part that shocked me

Must have been pretty disturbing I guess

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what story is it?

Hold up.

Hooooold up.

The main character was sexually assualted by a lying love interest and is still a love interest?

Excuse me?

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Hello! We have created a new way to bring our attention to stories that may violate guidelines. Please see this thread:

I was thinking about this story again the other day. It is, to date, the ONLY time I ever reported an Episode story, and I think it’ll be stuck in my head for a while.

I reported the story in question back when I first read it, and I haven’t checked since to see if the author addressed the concerns with updates (it would take about 7 chapters to get to the scene the OP mentions, and I am NOT re-reading it), but I DID notice that the story is still up, and the author addressed some concerns in a response to fan-mail.

She explained that she hadn’t really considered that the MC doesn’t clearly consent because her intent was that the alcohol brought out the MC’s true desires, even though she was too blackout drunk to remember the encounter later and expressed a dislike of the LI while sober.

What a dangerous idea to perpetuate. She at least seemed open to the critique, but the number of fanmail comments from people who want the MC to “marry him and have babies” is concerning and, frankly, sad. :frowning:

It has 1.8 M reads at this point.


Getting drunk and kissing hugging sexual stuff is not consent…its not ur “true self” ur were drunk while u can say certain stuff thts true when ur drunk thts cuz ur inhibitions lowered…but physical stuff…no
Thats not consent nor is it ur “true self coming out”


I think I read this story.

Hehhh, I’m pretty sure the scene is still there, I thinm the story is being rewritten -if this is the story I think it is- but I don’t think that scene is going to be removed.


Oh, I agree. I’m just paraphrasing what the author said in her response.

Weirdly, I think this is actually the motivation behind one of my least favorite Episode tropes: “The MC gets falling down drunk, and the LI shows he is a good guy by escorting her home and not taking advantage of her.”

It’s like the basic standard for respecting consent is SO low that it’s romantic when someone behaves halfway decently and doesn’t sexually assault a drunk person.

I won’t be reading the re-write to find out! :wink: