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This week, I’m starting on a BIG one that I especially need help with.

02/05/19 18:56 (BST)


always blur the posts, except for the day, month and year.

start now!


02/05/19 19:18

I’ve never actually gotten any cramps for some reason, but here are a few tips:

* Try placing a hot water bottle on your abdomen

* Drink some herbal tea

* Get some exercise (to reduce the amount of cramps you get)

* I just saw this somewhere and I don’t know if it’ll work but try taking birth control if you have some.

* During the time you’re having cramps try not to drink Coffee, caffeinated tea, and soda and try not to eat salty foods like chips, canned soups, and fast food.

* Chocolate seems to help most people, so why not?

Hope this helps :heart:



12.21AM (IST) Drinking sufficient water and intake of healthy fruits also help


Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that. Thanks :slight_smile:


Here’s my list, those things work for me:

  • Chocolate, especially warm chocolates. E.g. Nutella in the microwave, I love it
  • When it’s really bad: close your eyes and take deep breaths
  • no spicy food
  • eat, eat, eat, eat, your stomach can’t hurt if it’s digesting the food :joy:
  • get some distraction
  • try listening to music. for me, jazz music works best
  • did I already say chocolate?
  • no sit-ups
  • funny videos

15:02 p.m. (EST)

I take medicine and lay down. Eating helps too.


15:39pm EST

DARK CHOCOLATE-whenever I have cramps I’ll grab a few for school, it might help :grimacing:

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21:39… idk Swedish time

Get one of those hot pillows that you heat in the microwave!! They’re amazing. And drinking tea always soothes me, eating dark chocolate, lie down… loads of pain killers. Idk what kind you have in your country but it’s v good to mix like ibuprofen and paracetamol, it works better that way. I think that’s all my tips for now… I get really horrible cramps so idk these things doesn’t help that much for me, but it does calm me down and help me at least deal w it.

I also think there’s special pain killers for period cramps so maybe check those out too?

My spoiler thing did not want to work w me hah


20:44 GMT

I was going to say a Captain America “Language” joke and then my half-crush (insert what is love song here) said “We know you speak Romanian. Nobody cares.”
I have depression,
And social anxiety.
I can’t even speak proper Romanian.
And apparently I was lying.
(insert for the damaged coda song here)
If you didn’t know it’s the evil morty theme song. Y’know that “ahhh ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhh” meme?
you probs have no clue what im sayin but meh


Err… what? I’m lost :sweat_smile:

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yeah, nobody gets me.

Oh no sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything… I’m so sorry if it came out like that…

no, I never thought of it like that. It’s just nobody really gets me in general. Everyone has different humors to me and I guess I’m just an outsider.


Same here. I think this might be off-topic. :joy:


well, this is practically where people share their stories, but I see where you’re getting at.

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No, you’re not an outsider. I was just confused on how that related to you know, the topic, that’s all.

Mental illnesses are cruel.

ikr. how about i make a PM and we can both discuss how hard life is and our misadventures? Or would you rather not? If you don’t it’s perfectly fine w/ me.

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it looks like a mad-libs