Problems logging in to my account


hello guys i need your help please , i have a problem , i created an account on my phone using my email , and now on my computer i can log in but here on the community forums they say that the email does not relate to any account so i created a new account on the community by using the same email , but the problem is that it’s like i am using different emails , so the problem is this community forums account isn’t connected with the account i created on the app, can anyone help me ??


When you create an Episode account it doesn’t automatically create an Episode Forums account. This would be why upon creating a forum account it told you that you didn’t have one with that email. If you need any assistance creating another account and removing this one please private message me. Thanks :smiley:


oh now i understand , thank you so much :smile:


No problem at all. You can always come to myself or our forum Moderator @Sydney_H with any forum related questions you might have. Hope to see you around and enjoy your stay in the community! :smiley: