Problems Reading Some Stories


For the past two weeks I have been trying to read episode 26 of Living A Dream but it kicks me out in the same spot. I tried restarting the story and it does it every single time.

Fast forward to today, I was trying to read episode 6 of How to be a Princess and now its kicking me out in the same spot every time I go in.

No one else I know of is having these problems with these stories. Hoping somehow I can get past this because these are two of my favorite stories.


This is happening to me as well I submitted a ticket and they said it’s been happening and said they would fix it but it’s still happening and it’s been over a month… :thinking:


Happening here as well :heart:


@reneenicole and @CoraMae, please submit help tickets about this issue and let the support team know! :smiley:


I submitted a ticket this morning. No stories are working now, it just flashes the title at me and then shuts the app down.


Yeah, that definitely sounds like something the support team should look at.


Unfortunately they weren’t able to help at all,