Problems with background

I uploaded background and this background is approved. But it’s keep telling me that this background doesn’t exists. I used other background and I don’t have problem with him. even if he’s uploaded too :frowning:

Are you sure you didn’t misspell it? Try copy and paste the background name from the art catalog? :thinking:

I did it and it’s still same, also I realod the page twice

Oh, I don’t know then, sorry :sweat:

Hm, may think you should add whatever zone you want to place your character in i guess. Make sure you check your background spelling and see if it is approved. Double check it.

it’s okay, thanks for trying :sweat_smile:

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I did everything and it still same

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try putting a space after “INT.”

didn’t helped :c

:frowning: im sorry

it’s okay, thanks for trying !:sweat_smile:

Is it working? :thinking: :worried:



Maybe submit a ticket to the episode team :thinking:

idk how

You can do it here :blush::