Problems with coding a simple choice

Hi there💕
I’m kinda stuck at the moment. I’ve made multiple choices so far in my story, but somehow I can’t seem to get the coding right. It always says “ERROR unexpected expression. Did you leave out the word “choice”, or forget put a character name in ALL CAPS?”
This is what I’ve written:

choice (Meeting_Rufus)
"Greet the cute dog " {
Hi friend

} "Ignore the weird dog " {
(Maybe it’ll go away)

} "Send the dog away " {
Where’s your owner?


Thanks in advance, and sorry if it’s a dumb question. I’m just stuck rn😒
Oh also, how long does it normally take your overlays to be accepted? Mines been in review for a few days

I am not really a great coder though it may work

Which line(s) does the script say is wrong? (:

Overlays can take anywhere from a few hours to around a few weeks or so to be reviewed unfortunately (:

It says line 5738, which is the one that says “choice (Meeting_Rufus)”

Holy guacamoly

But if I want to use if/elif/else, shouldn’t the choice have a name?

Then maybe you wrote the if/elif/else

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Can you show the whole script till the end (the choice)

Before the line choice (Meeting_Rufus), you need a dialogue.


choice (Meeting_Rufus)
“Greet the cute dog”{

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Oh my, it worked! Thank you so much!

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