Problems With Gains

So I’m trying to use the SELFIE FEMALE overlays in my story as they’ll be a big part of it and I want to use different versions of the overlay based on the skin tone the reader chooses at the beginning when customizing. I added gains after every option for skin tone based on the name, like “gain tanrose”. Then I wrote some code that has a different overlay with the skin tone chosen. But when I test it in the app, no matter what skin tone I choose, I only get the overlay at the very end, the one I put for “else”. I HAVE reset my story progress when testing every single time, so that’s not the issue. I have some screenshots of my script.


This won’t work because the reader can gain each skin tone while checking it. Have a look here, although this one is for INK but it will give you an idea how it should look:

I don’t want to have to ask the reader after every choice “Is this your skin tone?”.

Then you’d have to use the points system.

It’s for INK, but hmu if you need a limelight one.

Could I have a Limelight one, actually? That would be really helpful

When do you need it? I’m in the middle of a date rn :crazy_face:

Whenever you have time is good! No rush!

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Here it is.

Click here.

I modified @Dara.Amarie’s template, it’s not created by me FYI. All credits goes to her :heart:

For those who are reading this, you may use this template, just credit Dara for it. Not me :wink:

Thank you!


? idk what’s wrong

Try deleting the extra lines

This is late lmao; but there can’t be a space between choice and “Light” {

I have a gain problem too… my character freezes when it comes to remembering a choice
since i’d like to do a choice that will go on for a while, i decided to use gains…for a moment it worked, then the character suddenly freezed…i tried multile times to refresh,but nothing happened. Can anyone help me please?:frowning_face: :heart: