Problems with hair/templates

Hi can anyone please help me ? new to this coding world. I’ve just started to try and create a story and I’m getting this error can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong. tell me what I’m doing wrong. I copy and paste a template and I keep getting this error thank you in advance

Is that supposed to be in capitals? Also if this is a Dara template then it gives you a list of common errors. Check if you are doing anything wrong.

Thank you il try that

I think the problem is that you’ve left a double space

Thank you. I have sorted it now. Thanks for help

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Maybe try no caps or Dara templates

Oh okay :sweat_smile:

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Glad everything was sorted!

@bakedpotato @KCE @Sage.epyy

They were using Dara’s template and modifying it. The issue was missing brackets. So an opening bracket was missing for Classic Bob as well as a closing bracket. And an opening bracket was missing for Curly Bob. And hairstyle names need to be spelled correctly. In this code, 6 options per page for choice.

label hair_styles_x_short

Short hairstyles.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
"Classic Bob"{

@WILLOW changes hair into Classic Bob

goto hair_styles_x_short

}"Curly Bob"{

@WILLOW changes hair into Curly Bob


#bla bla bla…

Just leaving this information here for anyone else who gets the same error as in ss above. Though you can also ask for custom template.

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