Problems with logging in to my account

Hello! I’ve a big problem here (not really sure if it’s considered as one, but it is a big problem to me). Every time I tried to log in to my account using the mobile app, it won’t work. It would always say, 'Oop, something wrong. Please try it again" and before that the app would be quite loading to open, like…2-3 minutes wait? Roughly counted.

And there’s another problem. While reading stories, I would get this notification like how my account cannot be restored in the app and to check my internet connection (which work perfectly just fine, thank you) and it would pop up like 4-5 minutes every time I clicked ‘okay’. I fixed this problem by having to log out and now I cannot finish the challenges :frowning:

Is there anyone out there who can fix this problem?

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Did you uninstall and install the app again cause i used to have a same problem but little bit different it goes to my home screen and not log in so i tried that maybe it helps cause it helped me

I did :sob: and sadly everything is just…gone after :sob: I don’t know if it’s my phone or the apps :confounded: I don’t think it’s my phone though, cause it’s not rooted and brand new :disappointed:

Oh i am really sorry :disappointed_relieved: My mistake i mean my was fixed so i gave you the solution and everything back up in mine I’m really sorry …I don’t know what to say just try to log in and see if it back ups

No, I did that before I posted here. It’s okay :ok_hand: it’s not your fault :blush: and the problem still persisted that it’s annoying me :triumph: i have 30+ tickets there :sob: such a waste of my account :sob:

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Hi! If you submit a ticket to our customer support team they can help you out :slight_smile: