Problems with Saving

I hope this is in the correct category, I still feel really bad about my last topic being in the wrong one.

So mainly since the beginning of the afternoon today my script won’t save. At first I thought it was to do with a background in still in review but that background was recently approved and the it’s still happening.

Basically, when I press save it gets stuck in the saving action, not actually saving. I managed to get the story to preview once but after I tried a second time it didn’t work. I attempted to delete all of my script, after backing it up of course but it didn’t save the delete but won’t save any new progress.

It’s currently stuck in that action now, I’ve tried reloading many times but nothing has helped and it means I am unable to continue writing.

It says unable to parse multiple times and I tried advice to what I could I saw on a different topic that apparently worked.

I hope everyone has a good night or day.

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Have you tried a different browser?


Save your work into google docs or Word, erase your script on the portal then to save it. Log off the portal and log back in and copy your script from the document then paste it and hopefully, it works. If not try it on a different browser.


I was going to suggest this but I think that was what was meant here.


:thinking::blush: I don’t know what you saw, but I’ll suggest some things anyway:

  • Clearing your cache
  • Like Louise said, try a different browser
  • Try a different device
  • Check your internet connection
  • Try your other stories to see if the problem is isolated to one particular story of yours or not (you can add this info to your ticket as well if you send one)
  • Contact the support team via a ticket and notify them of all the actions you’ve already tried to resolve your issue

Just an idea, but you could continue writing in your notes if you’d like to. It doesn’t need to be full of code but you could continue writing dialogues and narrations and make little notes of what you’d like to direct until your portal is sorted out? Good luck with your issue and your story btw!


I’ve never experienced this issue so im not sure what to recommend
but here are some things you could try:

— Try using a different browser.
— Clear your cache.
— If your story isn’t big, try creating a different one with the same title and name and copy your coding and paste it onto there and remake your characters, it may be irritating but may be a solution if nothing else works.
— Try refreshing the tab more than once.
— You may have a script error, sometimes I forget to look at mine and it doesn’t let me save after if I have too many or something went wrong, so if you have any try fix them.
— Delete the backgrounds you are using and republish them with the same name so it doesn’t ruin your coding.
— Check if theres a bug going on with any of your characters, I know there was an update today and one about a week ago as-well, so maybe a bug came with these updates which may of caused something to happen to your characters, for example, your characters may be wearing items which have been deleted or just revamped.
— Copy your coding and send it to your phone, try access the writer portal from google on your phone and see if it will save from there.
— If you have over 8k+ lines of scripting, remove some and move it into the next chapter.
— Check / Restart your internet connection.

If none of these work, I suggest sending a support ticket and just writing code or just planning your story out in your notes or in a book you have stored somewhere at home till they get this fixed. I’m sorry if none of these helped but I hope they do!

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Make sure you’re connected to the internet & copy your work onto an online notebook then restart your device. Maybe try logging out of the portal and logging back in?

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Okay, thank you guys, I will try all of this advice, I hope you all have a good night or day.

Edit: If push come to shove, as in I will try the less drastic first, no offense. I sound so rude, I am very thankful for all the tips and advice. Sorry if it doesn’t come across that way, have a good day, or night.


Did you get it sorted? If not, I can copy/paste the Support Ticket link. :slight_smile:

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