Problems with scripting in rear position ( NO need for help anymore)

Hello fellow peoples!

I just was wondering, when I was scripting my new Story, why when I want
NAME to do hug_neutral_rear, since shes in Layer 1 and her MOM in layer 0.

Basically how I wrote the script was like that:

@NAME walks to spot 1.280 171 -5

@NAME starts hug_neutral_rear AND NAME faces left

@MOM starts hug_neutral

As you can see, I even typed in AND NAME faces left, but still
she hugs to the right side.

I would be thankful for any help!


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Instead of left do right.
It can be weird like that but it should fix it.

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Okay thank you!
I will try it out now.

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It worked now! Thank you very much!

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