Problems with Slow burn stories..?

My favourite kinda stories are slow burns
But of course, not all can pull it off
My biggest problems with them is dragging a plot for waaay too long
Getting the Mc and LI together after like 50 episodes
What about u guys?
Lmk :heart: down below!

same! I don’t mine slow burn stories but when they drag on it’s annoying

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do you know any stories like that? i would like to read them.

i love stories with slow-burns especially when it comes to the LI and the MC. I wouldn’t have a problem waiting 50 episodes for the MC and LI to get together as long as the plot of the story it’s not based exclusively on these two (for example if it’s a romance story and it’s 50 episodes and the MC and LI are not together that’s just boring) if it’s drama and you just follow the MC around in their daily struggles and the story has an interesting LI that them and the MC do not have the chance to be together 'cause life happens, i love those kind of stories 'cause they are just realistic and i would read 50 episodes of it as long as the plot is interesting.

Bite my tongue
Eat me up
Wicked sins
Mafia in manhatten



I love slowburns, it just makes the real thing more intense, I read Mindreader and the characters first kissed after over 40 chapters😂. But I was pretty satisfied.
I love Bri’s stories such as Jaded Love and Perfect Little Housewife, Bri definitely knows how to create a good slowburn
But yeah when it’s like chapter 60 and nothing yet, it kind makes me desperate😂


Mindreader :pleading_face:


The best👌🏻
I don’t want it to end, but apparently there’s a second part Alusza will work on so still excited😆


Sammy for the win :heart:


I love slow burns! I love it when the characters first are aquaintances… then friends… then good friends then finally lovers. I love it when they have a really solid relationship before getting together. I’m rewatching this show called Bones which does a really great job of this. I love romances where you’re on the edge of your seat, just waiting for the characters to get together because they’re absolutely perfect for each other and you know it. I hate it when characters just “fall in love” at first sight and have absolutely no problems they have to work through!

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Yes. Just yes. How can people choose Daddy Vasily over Sammy?:joy: I mean mister Vasily…:neutral_face:


alusza would be devastated if she saw you write that :sneezing_face:

also sorry for getting a bit off topic lol

but @tosinx you should definitely read Mindreader. It’s probably one of the best slow burn stories I’ve read. another good slow burn story is A Little Closer by Anya. as of now there are only 6 chapters, but It’s obvious the characters aren’t going to fall in love anytime soon :joy:


BAHAHAHA, I still love Alusza’s stories despite the eternal slowburns😂


I would, but i dont like stories with more than 1 li

That’s a good thing

If the story has like 60 plus episodes then ofc
But not if it only has 51 chapters…

ah I love them! I love them because that style reminds me most of how novels are written. I don’t think I could ever write in romance, but I’m so happy there are people who can and do it so well :sunflower: :yellow_heart:

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