Problems with the in app preview?

So, I finally have three chapters to my story with at least 400 words, yadda yadda. So, I’ve started using the preview in the actual app on my phone to help me figure out any tweaks I need to make. I find this really helpful since I notice a lot more stuff on my phone screen.

But for some reason, certain parts don’t seem to be updating? I attempted a transformation scene using the “becomes” command, but I found that the character couldn’t change back, so I changed it. But now whenever I use the in app preview, the character I transformed is stuck that way in the preview.

This isn’t the case in the web previewer. Does anybody have any ideas how to fix it? It’s deeply annoying.

You could try to click navigation and then restart episode or you can try update script.

I’ve tried both. I’ve reset the story progress, I’ve updated the script. Every time I start over the character is stuck in their “transformed” state.

Oh ok then I have know idea sorry.

It’s cool :slight_smile: I thought that I might just be stuck with it, but I was hoping someone else might’ve encountered the same problem and figured out how to fix it.

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The only solution I’ve found, ridiculous as it is (in case anyone else has this problem)
is to make a new character that is identical to the one you’re trying to change back, both their body and their default outfit, and save the story with a “becomes” command that turns the original character into the clone character.

It’s a bit much just to make your preview match your script, since I’m pretty sure it should show up fine when published, but that’s the only solution I’ve found.

(you can also delete the “becomes” command and save once you’ve used the previewer to make sure it worked, you can also delete the clone characters you made)

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