Process of making your story

 So I've been trying for the longest time to try and make a story.  I have a lot of ideas, but I can never really seem to carry it out into a whole story.  I'm just wondering how you deal with all your ideas, or how you deal with keeping up with what you already have done.  Just how do you create your story and what is the process you do for it?
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I just start writhing down. not with much details, just the plot what I want in the story. then work it in later

some I get written finish most I dont

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I got all my ideas in notes block and if I come up with another I write it on and make them get with each other (:


I mostly just make up the story as I go along, I sometimes have a few basic plans, but usually I just come up with it while i’m writing it

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Usually, I write down all these ideas and then come up with a basic framework (like for instance, I come up with the main characters, the climax of the story, how I’m going to build up to it and how it’s going to end) and then make up the details as I go.

Basically just write anything you have down (Even if it’s absurd) :joy: Because sometimes ideas for other stories may work well for the story you’re currently working on


I have the broad strokes already in my mind like what I want to happen but how most of that stuff plays out I make up as I go.
Creating your characters helps a lot too because you decide what their personality is going to be like and how they will add to/influence the story, and tbh that’s the most fun part for me.

When I have certain scenes in mind I want to happen I write them somewhere down and see at what point I can put it in the story.

I recently just published my first story and some of it is different to what I had initially in mind but that’s because I sat on it a long time changing and adding stuff.

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Write down all your ideas first. When you’re done with that, figure out the big major things you want to happen in your story. Get down the beginning, climax, and ending.

When you’re finished with that, you can refer back to your ideas list. You can pick one of those ideas to be a subplot in one of your episode in order to get the main plot moving forward.

That’s how i do it anyway. There are many different ways to approach writing an episode story


I usually write a massive draft about what I have in mind and that process is me making it up as I go along.
Then I go back and edit stuff out, change some bits and bobs, add a few bits and bobs.

Even when I start coding it, it always changes according to the plot.
I have a rough idea of what I want but most of the time it never turns out to what I was actually planning :+1:t2:

Learning is key. Learn all the basics, which was how I first started. :blush: I jumped in having absolutely no idea how coding worked, but after learning the basics, such as spot directing and zooms, definitely helps boost your story.

I write as I code, and usually check, then revise and reedit if there is something that feels off. Keep changing things around until you feel content with them! Also, check for grammar mistakes, because even as a reader myself, I tend to find grammar mistakes offputting. :kissing_heart:

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