Procrastination & school advice needed!

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so right now I’m homeschooled, but it’s more online schooling. I have no due dates with “homework”, only self-checks that don’t count for a grade after the lesson. no due dates might sound like heaven, but it means there’s nothing to motivate me to finish my shit. I only have until the end of summer to finish all of my classes (which I’m extremely behind on) before I go back to normal schooling for high school next year. but, I’m a massive procrastinator, am lacking motivation, and can’t push myself to finish. if I don’t finish, I have to redo all of my classes again next year and be an embarrassment to my perfectionist self. AND I have to finish with perfect grades because I’m taking high school courses so they will count for credits, go on my manuscript, and count for my gpa. on top of that, all of my classes are also accelerated because I’m a fuckin overachiever so they’re twice more important to me because if I fail I’ll beat myself up about it. I’m super stressed, super pressured, but I can’t make myself do anything because I’m so damn unmotivated. I need advice…


I actually teach a homeschooler

(LOL… I don’t usually tell people this, the whole “teacher” thing intimidates people and leads to less honest responses. You’d be surprised how many people try to educate me on here…)

To help you, I’ll need to understand your curriculum limitations…

If its a public online school, you have more limitation…
If this is a privately chosen curriculum, then you have more options to help solve your issue.

For Public Online School
You have very limited options… due to your lack of pacing your work, you are unfortunantly stuck with the work load…
Pacing, self control, and breaks throughout the day will help.

Complete 2 subjects (or if seriously behind complete 2 lessons of one subject) then reward yourself with a 30 min to 1 hour break.

For Private Curriculum:
You have much more wiggle room.
If you are confident in one particular subject, you can take the final exam or chapter test for the entire chapter and if you score well, there is no need for you to do the lessons (since you’ve proven you already grasp the concepts)
This will shed much unnecessary work and time from your leftover curriculum.
Example of how this worked for my current student.
My student “Jane” was falling behind on her mathematics… we were doing lessons in fractions and decimals, but the work seemed too easy… so, rather than spend weeks on the subjects, I decided to give her the final exam on these chapters. She scored 90% and 100% on both. Now, why would I waste time teaching her something she already knew? We were able to skip two entire chapters and move on to things she really needed to learn, such as basic algebra equations, in preparation for Algebra 2.
Also, “Jane” was actually two grade levels ahead in her science and history studies… we were able to halt those lessons altogether to catch up with Language Arts studies, which she was a half a semester behind on.
This of course… would need to be discussed with your parents, they have the final say at the end of the day.

Thanks for writing all of that out. it’s a public online school and for 2/4 subjects I hav about 1/4 done when I should have about 3/4 done. One of these is math which is difficult sometimes and easy sometimes because it’s a repeat from what I’ve done earlier this semester. Spanish is the other one and it’s also super easy but it’s tedious and time consuming. The other subjects are science and english, english is easy and science is mediocre. I’m trying to do one subject at a time where I just suck it up and finish one subject all at once and move on, but I’m worried about the final exam where I don’t get to use notes because I suck at remembering formulas.

Are you sure that no formulas will not be allowed? Most finals will provided formulas for you. If not, I suggest printing up a formula sheet and putting it somewhere you see daily… like on the fridge… when you see the page, make sure you quickly look over the formulas beofre you open the fridge… it will become so habitual for you, that you’ll be singing formulas in your sleep.

I think they provide some formulas but not all and they didn’t specify which ones they’ll provide, thank you for the help though!!!

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Good luck… You are under some intense pressure, but try to work out a schedule for yourself and stick to it for the remainder of the year. try taking some local practice test exams online… hat may help you figure out what areas you need to study on so you dont’ feel as overwhelmed. (local state and county sites will sometimes offer these practice tests online for free) Again, Good Luck!

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I use to be a expert at procrastinating. I found a big reason why I was unmotivated to do work was because of the environment I was in. Being around people and friends when I needed to do homework was hard for me. Maybe go to your local library or a quiet space that helps you concentrate. Also, if I really need to get something done, I would turn off my phone and put it away so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it.

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I always work in my room at my desk, I know I need quiet to focus but I also can’t focus without music because it’s too quiet?? idk it’s really weird

Sometimes I go on youtube and listen to binaural beats lolx it helps me concentrate maybe you should try that

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I don’t like to be too comfortable while studying too

Damn. I have due dates AF and I still procrastinate, so having none would probably be worse for me, if that’s even possible.

Yeah exactly, when I tell people I have no due dates they’re like “omg that must be amazing!!” but it’s horrible because there are no short term consequences if I don’t finish anything

Bribe your self. Tell you mom to not allow you to be on your phone until you finish one assignment. You can go on your phone for 10-20 minutes then give it back to your mom. Keep doing this until all of it is done.

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