Procreate... honest opinions


What is your honest opinion on procreating? I am thinking of purchasing it, however just to be on the safe side I want your honest opinion. Thank you! :heart:


Before buying it have you tried ibis paint X because it has reallly good quality.


Yes, IBIS is also free!


I’ve never tried it before. But it looks kinda good though. BTW i’m using ibis paint X and its good to edit stuff but it seems procreate is better


Yeah I’m currently using that now, but my cousin who is an artist recommends procreate, I just wanted to hear what the community thinks.


I use Procreate on a tablet to make covers and such, and it’s definitely worth the money. I also follow a lot of artists (outside the Episode community) who went from Photoshop to Procreate and now swear by Procreate (one example would be Lorna Kelleher). Procreate has a lot of features Photoshop has but waaaay cheaper, than he only thing is there’s no ‘magic eraser’ but I use Superimpose for that.


Omg thank you! :heart:


I use Medibang paint in my phone. It’s very simple, but it’s easy to use and I really like it.


Also, Ibis paint is really good too.