Procreate Tips And Guidance

Hello everyone! So, I’m finally getting procreate. And me being new to procreate and used to Ibis Paint x. I’d love to get some tips, pointers and guidance. :slight_smile:

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Maybe @brinn or @writingspirit can help? I came across an old topic where they talked about procreate :thinking:

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Hey there! I can’t afford the time to teach you everything I know about it, of course, but I don’t mind giving some help. What are you having trouble with?

Just everything. What brushes to use for making the outline, blending, colors.

Depending on how you learn best, you might need to check out Procreate tutorials. There’s a lot of them out on Youtube right now that can teach you everything from the very basics to complex tricks. The app’s official Instagram page also has a lot of tutorials available.

Finding brushes for outlining really depends on your art style, but the pencil brushes work well for sketching out a basic shape and ink/pen brushes are good if you’re the kind of person who wants solid black lines.

Blending can be done with the smudging tool. I use the paint brush section to smudge usually and adjust the size/opacity as needed.

What’s pretty nice about Procreate is that you can get a variety of colors through the color wheel and save your own color palettes for future reference.


That helped a lot. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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