Procreate tips!

Hi all!

I recently got Procreate and I understand the basics but coming from ibis paint I don’t know all the tips n tricks. :sweat_smile: Stuff like the lasso tools and the best brushes to use for which elements would be soo helpful!

tysm beauties! :two_hearts:

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Do u have to pay for procreate???

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A tip :yay:

@writingspirit may be able to help :smile:


yeah it’s $15 AUD i think, but it’s definitely worth it!


tysm this helped alot, ill definitely check it out!!


Hi! I use Procreate all the time. Use two fingers and tap to undo, hold two fingers down to undo a lot. Use three fingers to redo and hold three fingers down to redo a lot. I use a lot of custom brushes. You can get them lots of places, searching online, making your own, or asking people to give you theirs. Here are some episode related brushes that @/blissful.edits gave me the link to (they aren’t mine). I really like them and use them quite a bit.

I think playing around is the best way to learn. I was a little confused at first too, but now I use it all the time and I’ve gotten used to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! I’ve been using Procreate Pocket pretty consistently since summer, so I’ve picked up a few things here and there. I hope this helped! :heart:


ohhh that’s awesome tysm!! ill be sure to download some :yum:


I’m very much a hands-on learner too, though I might be able to give some quick tips if there are certain things you’re stuck on.

What’s cool is that they’ve recently come out with another big, really helpful update. One of the new things is being able to port photoshop brushes straight to use as if they were procreate brushes. The way I do it is download them onto my computer, airdrop to iPad, open files with procreate, and boom. Good to go. :blob_sun:

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oh that sounds rlly good! tysm :blush:

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