Professional Cover Art


Hi, I’m looking for someone who can help me create really good cover art? I can not find a single thread with what I’m looking for! If you think you can help then please provide your best examples ^.^


I think I can


ooo! that’s good. Do you think you can draw two female characters like this?


in that pose?


Should be able too! :slightly_smiling_face:


alright! let me get the two characters made, and if it’s possible could you make the background transparent?


Like an overlay?




I can try as well?? You don’t have to use mine, I’m just really really bored.


Yes! that would be great. I actually decided to go with another idea but I will send you the pictures in a moment


Ok :ok_hand:t5:


Episode harmony can

@GeoWrites is one of the best artist of all


And I’m with @Kalizzza


I’ve already requested a drawing from geo, I don’t think she wants to do it though lmao

and is episode harmony a group?


Yea I’m part of it but sometimes I take things on the side


I don’t do groups, I feel like there are a lot of unhonest thieves in them, I’m not saying you are, I just don’t trust groups

when I make my characters I’ll send them your way, and how long do they usually take?


Maybe a day or 2 but if I work non stop I can maybe have it done in a day or less


Oh she has alot to do and she was grounded


You have???


yes, my insta is @kxtieiswise