Professional free art

Does anybody know where I can get free art done as soon as possible without having to pay money?

I’m looking for someone who can to do art work for stories involving romance and drama

My stories are going to be in LL and INK

Professional? Not really. Unfortunately for us writers, part of being a professional is getting paid for what you do! But there are loads of art hobbyists on here who are awesome and do what they do for free! They usually have shop threads!


I’ve already been there and nobody is available to do want I need

I’m not sure where to go now

If I could pay, I would but I can’t

To be honest, I really need someone who is willing to help me with art work for my stories from start to finish without hassle

It’s extremely difficult for me to find someone who is willing to do that and I don’t know what to do :cry:

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Aww, I’m so sorry you can’t find someone to be your artist, I know I would be happy to help you but I’ve got way too much on my
hands. Good luck!

Yeah it’s hard for no money! I know some artists who don’t charge too much like @ChaoticDeluge but it still means money!

I suggest using a royalty free website like pixabay at the moment so you can get your story out in the meantime and looking for artists

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I’ve been looking for so long I’m almost close to giving up to be honest

I’m a author who has been turned down by so many people or ghosted that I’m used to it

I stopped writing for so long because I lost all confidence and this is me getting back into writing again and I can’t find anybody unless they want paid and I can’t pay anybody

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It’s not so much about the paying, Ive been willing to pay for a while but my parents have stopped me because they’ve said that I shouldn’t be giving away any of my details

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I can show you what my story looks like! It’s just a royalty free pic :yum:

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That’s fair enough! If you’re worried about details, artists who use ko-fi are great! A set price through PayPal so no details!

My parents still aren’t sure about it though and I’m just wanting someone who will help me out with art work until I am able to publish my stories professionally

I’m almost there anyway

I have written my first manuscript, a short story that I wanted to publish on here but again needs art work

So I’m gonna to just publish it on wattpad, then hopefully find a publisher

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Ooh publishers are tricky to get hold of! I suggest looking for a proofreader for your story :slight_smile:

I already have a professional author reading my story

I’m just waiting for his feedback

I’m just hoping that I find someone to do art work for the stories on here that I won’t get published professionally

Well you don’t need my silly advice then😆

It’s not silly

My mum wants me to put my short story in a magazine but I’m waiting until I write the next 4 stories

Can I be honest with you? It might take a little money to get started in the business! Start yourself a website for your brand to start with. Post some short stories for free on there for people to know what you’re about

That’s what I thought about doing by publishing them on wattpad

I don’t know where else to publish them and I don’t know how to start a website

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I know a person who might be able to help on the website side of things! Would it be ok if I DMed you?

Of course

Or my IG is mafiastar.episode

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Hi! Needing a consistent artist without paying is a lot to ask but I do free art and I’d be willing to at least get you started with a cover for one of your stories. I’m quite busy at the moment but I love helping out (btw I’m nowhere near professional…)! So if you’d like I would ve willing to draw you a cover for your limelight story :grin: If you do want art from me let me know what style you’d like :grin:

Style 1


This is the more cartoony style and will take me the least amount of time, Approximately 1-3 days

Style 2

I can do more episode like drawings but I don’t feel as if i’m the right guy because other artists can do it much better

Aprox: 1-3 days

Style 3

(this one is not quite finished but yeah here you go)

This style will most likely take me the longest as it is my most realistic/detailed!

Aprox Time: 1-2 weeks (I have a tight schedule, and these take a while)