Proffesional Therapist Here To Help! **Share your feelings and troubles here!**


Hello episodians! I’m studying emotional therapy in college, and I decided to create this thread.

If you have any troubles or feelings with life, the forums or anything else, this is the right place for you.

I understand that life can be difficult, life can hit you hard with bullets. This is why this thread is here.

Any feelings or emotions you want to talk about privately? Send me a PM!

I’m a proffesional therapist in-training (sorry for the clickbait title). I can still help you.


  1. Do not start any drama, this is a peaceful community.
  2. No swearing, discrimination or anything disrespectful.
  3. Feel free to say anything, no one here is to judge you.
  4. No off-topic replies.
  5. No hate!

Share your feelings!

Thank you.

And on a side note…

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And visit this for mindfulness…

How are you feeling now?

We need more people like you tbh


Thank you :slight_smile:


This is an amazing post!
Our mental health and well-being is so important-we need to take care of ourselves and find happiness in life :heart:
P.S We are all beautiful :sunglasses:


Well right now I feel like a sore loser.
I feel scared cause I get panic attacks after sunset.
I feel like a loser because often I see happy people with a lot of cool , funny friends, I see them moving on and doing great things while here I am losing my time doing things that probably won’t benefit me.
Everytime I promise myself something but I never do it . Everything feels so sad and dark right now.


I wish I could die right now. I feel useless and dumb .