Profile and shelfs dissapeared


This is my first time posting i have emailed episode and i filled out a support ticket but just wondered if anyone else had this, I had to reset my phone and downloaded the episode app again only this time the menu bar only shows home and settings it doesn’t show the profile or any of the story shelf’s.


I’ve seen others post about this issue…


I have the same problem


I’ve been having some sort of the same issue. My favorites have all been unsaved to my profile, my progress remains for all my current reads, but the ones with character cust. have all been changed to their default features, and all my replays for certain stories have been erased. I’ve been on the app for almost two years amd have yet to come across anything like this.


same here i cant seem to fix the issue


could u guide me on what i should do i am clueless plz help me out


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