Profile Character Ideas

So I have been playing episode for a while now and ever since the update, I have thought that there needed to be more options to customize your profile character, such as height and body size. Another thing I wish they would do is that we can create our own clothing and wear it on our character instead of just choosing from the outfits already made when you customize your profile character. What if I want to dress up as a gothic person? They don’t have that option. It’s just an idea, I would like to see what others think about this as well.

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This is a great idea! At the moment we can only change the height of our characters through spot directing and I know that I’m not great at that so. But it would take a lot of coding and time.

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Hi! These suggestion are all covered by other feature requests, please search to see if your suggestion has already been made before creating a duplicate request.

Also you can only make one suggestion per request thread and your title isn’t formatted correctly. Please review the guidelines for feature requests before creating any in the future. Thanks! :slight_smile: