Profile outfits?

Hey everyone I opened my app to see that these three story’s have profile outfits available and was wondering if anyone knew which outfits and what chapter they are available in .

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Royal arrangement=2
(Blue dress and red dress)
Prince wicked=2
(Red ball gown and something else i forgot)


Thx sm

I just found out episode is being gem greedy tho .
(Paying 19 gems to wear the gem outfit THEN if u want it added to your profile you have to pay another 19 gems :unamused: )


Raven Academy
Chapter 4
Swimsuits, according to what I saw.


For real. But i paid for them both :smiling_face_with_tear:

So what you’re saying is adding one outfit to your profile costs 38 gems… :worried:

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Yup that is correct

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Gems vary per person I believe. I know that a few others had paid less than others


on which episodes?

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2 as in chapters

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Better buying them on pop-up outfits, at least you spend 19 gems for this, not 38 :joy:

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