Profile Pic for instagram (epi_luisa)

Is there anyone that can do a profile picture for me?

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edited or drawn?

Either one I don’t mind.

you can request through some art shops or some artists on Instagram who are open on requests atm :eyes:

unless you want me to do it for you, I’m glad to help anyways :D

Could you do it, and do you charge?

yeah, I can do edited only and I don’t charge. :ok_hand:

Oh ok, do you have any examples of edits you did? C:

idk if they count but here you go:

the polaroids are meant to be custom polaroid overlays for my own story, so I don’t think they count tho but lol-

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Wow! You’re really talented! :two_hearts:

Thank you! :pleading_face:

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Your so talented I love them! So do I send you my character or will you like re make it?

you can send your character details, pose, clothing here! :eyes:


That’s my character but can the post be her taking a selfie?

I can try :thinking:

Ok thank you!

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I’ll start to do it later if you don’t mind, it’s 12 a.m. here :joy:

Yea that’s fine.

I could help


I know I didn’t make this thread but do you take editing request?

not to be a bother but can you list her details out? :thinking: