Profile Pic for instagram (epi_luisa)

I’m free now so I guess I can take one :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ll pm you so this doesn’t get marked as off topic.

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This is what my character looks like if you can re create that.

I mean like listing out the details and colors out, for example:

• Rose 00 (Female Athletic Body)
• Straight Medium (Black Jet)
• Long Feathered Bangs Blunt (Black Jet)
• Round Downturned Wide (Brown Pale)
• Diamond Defined Contour
• Defined Natural
• Small Heart (Red Deep Gloss)

And the photo is kinda blurred, I’m afraid I can’t recreate them from the photo unless you list their details out (preferably) or send me a screenshot of them. :disappointed:

-Rose 04 (Female soft body)
-Arched natural brows (deep brown)
-Updo pony wavy long (brown black)
-Deepset downturned (brown dark)
-heart soft
-Defined natural
-Full heart pouty (Rose gloss)
-Sweater cotton grey neutral
-inner leggings cotton grey black
-heeled close toed ankle boot suede grey black
-Knit crotchet strap bag cotton grey black

Hi I don’t know if you got the details?