Profile Picture Art?

Would someone be able to make me a art profile picture, like really artistic? I’d give full credit, just either PM me, or talk in the replies. Pwease someone !

It’s really hsrd to find free realistic art on here because i think some of it needs some paying

Yerp, probs. I like yours, did you do it yourself, or someone else? – Profile Pic –

I requested it from someone but they don’t take requests anymore, but I’m sure you can find someone do ur pfp, I would have made my own but just couldn’t bring myself to it

I think I can try lol. Can you send me picture of your character? I think it can help me draw it digitally.

Ok, I’ll pm you the details.

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can i try? ik someone else already did it but im like super bored sksks

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all! :smiley: