Profile Picture For Me

I was wondering if anyone can do a pfp for my account

Here Are The Details:

Skin Color: Tan

Brows: Seductive Arch

Hair: High Ponytail Fawn

Eyes: Upturned Feline Purple

Face: Oval

Nose: Elven

Lips: Full Round Bordeaux

Thank You!!


I can do it for you, Do you have a specific animation and background you want?

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I don’t mind any animation.
The background can be a solid color whatever color matches best
Thank you so much!!


No problem I’ll have it done by tomorrow or the day after :blush:

Ok Thank you again :blush::blush:

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Sorry, Forgot To Ask About Clothes What Do You Want Them Wearing?

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Gold Biker Jacket, Beige with black zipper zipped crop top, Chef scarf, School uniform skirt, Black leather sandals
Sorry for replying so latee

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Not a problem, you’ll have your pfp tomorrow :heart:

Okii Thank You

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you never specified if you wanted it drawn or not so i did both

let me know if you need anything changed

If you decide to use either please credit me in your bio :blush:

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Thank you so much. I’m gonna use this for my Instagram so if you have an Instagram what’s your username? I love it it’s so pretty thank you so muchhh!!

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heh no i don’t have an instagram if you want i can either a. put a watermark or you can just say something like Pfp made by Ailurophile on the episode forums its honestly up to you

I’ll credit you on here the episode forums and i’ll also credit you on Instagram and you can put a watermark if you want I don’t mind

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I’ll put my trust in your to keep your word and credit me i don’t really like putting watermarks ruins the image if it’s for somebody

I credited on episode forums now i’ll credit on Instagram

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Alright thanks :blush:

Welcome :heart::heart::heart:

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