Profile picture requests

Hey! I’m looking for somebody to make me a profile picture! I wish I had that much talent, but I don’t know how. :confused:

My details are here :
Ink Female
Body : Tan
Brow : Medium Angled (Black)
Hair : Straight
Eyes : Round Classic (Hickory)
Face : Soft Heart
Nose : Soft Natural
Lips : Classic (Blush)

Thank you to those who try!

I will! Here’s an example,

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Any pose would be great, and any outfit would be great! If possible, can you add a silver jewel piercing on my lobe? Thanks!

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Absolutely! :sparkles:

What colour is your hair?

So sorry, it’s black :smile:

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I see you haven’t credited the outline creator… Ahem @Mystery.Author


Her tags still there but yeah I should have lmao

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Thank you, love! :cupid::cupid:

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Np :grin:

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