Profile Picture Shop (CLOSED)


I’m here to make profile pictures for you guys! I currently have one slot opened so the first commenter will be my last customer for now!
Cost: FREE
Time to make: a couple of hours
Things needed:
Hair color:
Eye color:
A picture of the background you want:
Skin Tone:
Additional Text:
Lip Color:
Make Sure to credit @Cassandra_Dean if you use this picture!


Can I see examples


hey are you talking about Episode profile pictures or on the forum?


Yes of course!


The Forum Profile Pictures


WOW amazing


Thank You!


Can I have one that says Episode diamonds


Sure! What other things do you want on it?




We love to help the community


Okay! I’ll start right now!


Do you want a background, or just a white background?


This is just mostly going to be editing, is that okay?


Hey, could I have one too please?


Sure! What do you want on it?


Could I have one similar to yours, please? I’m just going for my dinner, but I’ll give you the details after. Thank you :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Okay! I’ll get on it asap!


After you get back, could you give me a description of yourself?