Profile Picture Shop! ❤️


Okay, since I’m on my last few weeks of summer, I’ve decided to do something fun and easy: a profile picture shop! I’ll make you one, and it shouldn’t take too long.
Here are some examples! :heart:


I only have some simple rules.

  1. Do not be rude.
  2. I can decline your request if you are rude.
  3. Make sure to credit me. :heart:

How to request:
Tell me your character details, outfit (can be a custom outfit), background (if you can’t think of one you want just say your favorite color, and pose.
That should be all :thinking: :smile: :heart:


Hey! I would LOVE a pfp!

You can decide the clothing :heart:


I’ll get it to you as son as possible. Thanks for requesting! :heart:


Thank YOU! I’m so excited!


Do you have a certain background you’d like? If you don’t, just tell me like, your favorite color.


Could you make me one?


Of course! Just be aware that I’m going to be away for tomorrow, so you might get it by around Monday. :heart:️ Do you have a desired pose and background?


I’m fine with any pose and can the background be pink? thanks!


Of course! I’ll get it to you as soon as possible. Thank you for requesting! :heart:


Anything that matches with the outfit. I love Black, I love pink, and I love yellow :blush:


Okay, here’s yours, @EpisodeGirl Hope you like it :heart:

Profile Picture

Don’t forget to credit me if you use it :heart:️ Thank you! :blush:


Here’s your profile picture @Penny2 :heart:

Profile Picture

Sorry that the hair looks kind of weird, I was trying something new :sweat_smile: Hope you like it!


Hi, may I request one?


Of course! Just send the details :heart:


Toffee Skin
Black Diva Curls
Almond Luxe Brown Eyes
Classic Lips Ruby Red
Upturned Nose
Round Face
Thick flat eyebrows


Do you have a desired pose, outfit, and background? If you don’t have a background, just tell me your favorite color.


no, and pink


So it’s okay if I do any outfit? Or would you like one specifically(it can be custom)?




You can do any outfit