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I have no idea if it is fine to post this here, but I would love to have my profile pic. I saw a lot of people with this, so yeah. They looked cool :slight_smile: Anyone who can make me one, thank you! And please pm me or comment.


@EpisodeStudio would love to do this for you, here is our thread :grin:


Yay! Thank you!


Just post your request there :grin:


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Oh lol yeah all the people I requested isn’t replying :sob:


Lol feel bad for ya

But guesse what cassie has come to the rescue fear no more


YAAAAY (smiles)


Lol what would you like my dear


I don’t know how do I request??? (Blink blink)



Just sent it right here


Let me get my template adjust glasses


… so like by episode chars??


Oh lol


If yiu want


I would love drawings


clear trots

20 questons why

Not really 20 questons

Cough cough

What background would you like

What characters do you want in it or real people or something else

Any text


Background :


Wowowo amamzing

I can tell that you love fanatasty or am I wrong