Profile Updates Feedback Thread

Hey All!

Please share any feedback or bugs that you are experiencing with the updates to Profiles.


Hi @Tory
I think the option to sort the stories by genre / completion / chapters would be more usable while searching for new stories. When we already have it in the favourites it doesn’t seem to be that important to sort it by the alphabet or chapters number. But we asked about filtering the user stories and search before so it could be nice to implement it there too.

When it comes to favourites list I think the best feature would be informing when new chapters are finished with skip the wait and early access option, and also which stories were updated recently with the new chapters.


Note: Everyone make sure to update the app to get the feature!


What about adding the book club any of us run on our profiles? If that can’t be done maybe adding a search bar for people to search for the club they want to join…

Can’t wait for this update regardless, this hopefully will be good, will be great if the social was brought back for us all it’ll come in handy for those who don’t have social media…


@Alusza, can pass that feedback to the team!

@Ams007, integrating Profiles and Book Clubs is feedback we have been seeing. It’s already something on the team’s radar as a feature that would be widely appreciated


Hey, got the update. I noticed a majority of featured stories appear when I click on “my favorites” and only 2-3 community stories. When clicking on “stories I’ve read”, only 36 results appear while I have a lot more on my list :sweat_smile:

I also noticed my profile displays 5 stories published, which is true because I’ve hidden 4 of them (for a total of 9 stories written). Only problem is the stories that I had hidden seem to appear on my profile (as my visible stories, not “less visible” as it appeared before). I don’t know if I’m the only one who sees them though. I checked on the portal and they are still archived.

Last thing I noticed was that the “about” on other people’s profile isn’t updated. It shows 0 for both chapters read and stories complete.

ÉDIT: my stats changed and went from 2.9k stories read to 106 (which isn’t correct), not sure why.
Uploading: 9245AADA-FE3A-4741-8409-EAF22790AD9F.png…

Another thing is the little dot indicating a new follower never disappear even though I already clicked on my profile.


I have my app updated but I can’t see the new profile update

Not everyone will have their profile updated. This is only rolled out to a small percentage of the Episode community right now.


Hey Tory! and the “hide” and “unhide” button? before this update i hid my story as i was having issues with my device… but when i recovered, I come across the update… And my story doesn’t show up on my profile… only if I search in the search bar…

sorry if I have something written wrong… I don’t speak english :sweat_smile:

This update still isn’t on my phone and I don’t know why since my android version is really new too unless this update is only available on iPhones?

Hm, did u update the app from Play Store? I don’t have an IPhone, since I am using Andriod, and I did not update the app to get this. Others do have it and some don’t because they didn’t update the app.

There was no option to update the app actually, now that I remember it ); I tried uninstalling it then installing the app but still I didn’t get the profile update :sweat:

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ah okay.

It’s not available for everyone yet, I still don’t have it either and have Android

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Ahh that makes sense. I wish everyone had the update.

A way to get notified or see when stories in your “reading list” are updated with new chapters would be really nice! Even if it’s just like a small icon or header next to that story, or otherwise a notification feed like we have on the forums?

I noticed my # of chapters read is only 39. Why does it seem so low? I know I’ve read wayyy more than that.

I also have a pink dot next to my profile button on the side bar. I don’t know how to clear that anymore. (It use to indicate new followers but I won’t show me who is new anymore).

I do appreciate being able to remove stories I don’t want on my profile! Thank you for that option! I wish we could reorganize the sections on our profile. For example; Put my favorites on the bottom, put my recommendations on the top, & put stories I’ve read in the middle. Would be a nice feature to roll out later. We all probably want our recommendations to be the first things other readers see as well.

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From an INK reader POV: I don’t like this new update due to the fact that all the older authors from 2018 and things that have left now. I can’t see all their stories that I could see before and I can’t see their recommendations so it’s going to be much harder for me to find stories as I am also an INK reader and most INK authors have left the app now but I still like to find and read their stories. I would much rather the app went back to how it was imo and this update feels like the last straw in whether I should leave the app.


I’m sorry but I really don’t like the new update and I’ve been trying to get it back to how it was because I didn’t choose the update because I accidentally deleted my account and when I got it back I had to read all those feature stories again and then came back to this, i can’t see my total story views, I don’t like that my favourites are in my profile and the writing in my bio is too small