Profile When You're An Author

So, I’m not sure I put this in the right place. But if I did, then, yay!

Ok, so you know how when you read someone’s story you can see the author profile? How do you get yourself there when you’re the author? Like, how can you change what you look like in the profile. Sorry if this is a little confusing.
And if this has a duplicate, then sorry again

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Click on the little three lines at the top left, then goto profile and then click anywhere on your avatar.

On the computer?

No. When you open the app.

Yes, but how do you connect the computer to the app?

I’m not sure what you mean.

I don’t really get it sorry?

Like, if I have a story I want published from my computer, because that’s where I’m publishing it, how do I get my avatar on my phone to be the one pulishing it?

the moment you publish the story from you’re computer then it’s on the app you don’t need to go to the app for that

When you read a story, where you go to look at fanmail and stuff there’s an option to see the author’s bio. How do I customize that to look like me?

you mean you’re own profile? presh the 3 lines then click on profile.
that is you’re profile. if you want to edit this one you tap on the profile and you get 3 options

  1. Avatar
  2. background
  3. emotions

the first one is to change the avatar’s looks
second one is to give you’re profile a new background’
third one gives you’re avatar an different animation

No, because I don’t know how to get my profile that I’m reading on, to coordinate with the one that I’m writing with

o that problem I had it once maybe send a help ticket or ask @Sydney_H

How did you solve it?

You have to register and login on the app and computer with the same email address/facebook account/whatever.

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I gave the information they asked for and they gave me my account on my phone

Oooh, okay. Wait but with the login on the app, I don’t have that. When I go in the app it just brings me to…the app no login and stuff

Ya, go to settings and click ‘logout’ and then log back in/register with the account you’re writing on.

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OOh, Ok! Thank you soo much!

You’re welcome! Let me know if it works.

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