Progress completely deleted

Hi, when I was opening the episode app, I found out that all my favorites have been deleted.

I also found out that the storyies I was reading/read showed their progress in the bar, but when I started reading them, they started from the beginning.

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Sorry to hear that!

Did you try submitting a ticket?

Can do so here:

What does it mean by support ID and it doesn’t look safe to spread such detailed info

I’m not sure what it means by ‘support ID’. But I believe this is the only way to send in a ticket to episode. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your info I am not sure that you have any other way of telling Episode your problem :confused:

You can fill out a ticket here:

The support id isn’t that private! It is just so episode knows which a punt is having said problems. It is in your setting tab in the app. :upside_down_face:

Check out this article on how to locate your Support ID:

A Support ID needs to be provided when filling out a ticket (it’s required.)

Anyways, I hope everything works out!