Progress from multiple stories lost


Yesterday I opened y episode app to read some stories until I realised that every story that I read in the past months was all gone. All my progress was lost and I can’t seem to understand why because the day before it was working perfectly. I logged out multiple times, I tried to restore my progress but nothing, I contacted episode and still no reply. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded (I have an ios system) but all for nothing. I even tried to read the stories from scratch but when I exit the app everything’s lost again.
I honestly don’t know what to do, and I haven’t found anyone who has solved it so far :confused: so if anyone has come across this problem and managed to solve it, please share how <3


hm, did u try to save it to " Add to favorites"?


yes yes I did, I’ve been using it for over a year, so I kinda lost all of that progress. sigh. thanks though xx


UPDATE: I got an email yesterday telling me to uninstall the app, to let episode know that I did so that they could restore it. Today I received another email from them telling me they restored it and I could reinstall it, and everything’s back to the same thing.

So for any of those who are experiencing the same problem, Contact Episode by submitting a Support Ticket, and they’ll definitely help you out!


I have tried opening a ticket for this same problem, but they had me try something else that didn’t work. I have contacted them since then multiple times, but they aren’t answering. I have unlimited passes, so I am paying to not play. Should I open a new ticket?