Progress from multiple stories lost


Yesterday I opened y episode app to read some stories until I realised that every story that I read in the past months was all gone. All my progress was lost and I can’t seem to understand why because the day before it was working perfectly. I logged out multiple times, I tried to restore my progress but nothing, I contacted episode and still no reply. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded (I have an ios system) but all for nothing. I even tried to read the stories from scratch but when I exit the app everything’s lost again.
I honestly don’t know what to do, and I haven’t found anyone who has solved it so far :confused: so if anyone has come across this problem and managed to solve it, please share how <3

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hm, did u try to save it to " Add to favorites"?

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yes yes I did, I’ve been using it for over a year, so I kinda lost all of that progress. sigh. thanks though xx

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UPDATE: I got an email yesterday telling me to uninstall the app, to let episode know that I did so that they could restore it. Today I received another email from them telling me they restored it and I could reinstall it, and everything’s back to the same thing.

So for any of those who are experiencing the same problem, Contact Episode by submitting a Support Ticket, and they’ll definitely help you out!



I have tried opening a ticket for this same problem, but they had me try something else that didn’t work. I have contacted them since then multiple times, but they aren’t answering. I have unlimited passes, so I am paying to not play. Should I open a new ticket?

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Hey Amcody, just to make sure from where did you submit your ticket? Also, what did they tell you to do exactly?



They had me sign out of Game Center (??) power off my iPad, wait for 10 seconds, power back on, sign into Game Center and then launch Episode. That didn’t do anything. Finally, they set up a separate (new) Episode account for me and had me sign in. ALL of my stories had been reset, so I had to start all of them over again. I’ve not been happy with that “fix”, but what can you do?



Hmmm, when they emailed me they told me to delete the app and till they sorted it out and when they do they’d let me know, which they did and all is well. I suggest maybe to resubmit a new ticket, stating all what happened before you emailed them and the current situation, Maybe like that they could somehow arrange it. Not sure if they would tho, but its worth the shot. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your progress, it sucks trust me and I hope you’ll get it back :slight_smile:


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