Progress on Favorite stories is gone

For the last week all my favorites have been messing up. When I open the story it starts me from the beginning every time and not where I left off. Help!


Hello @Mj72285, this is Sydney the Moderator. Welcome to the forums. :smiley: I’d suggest you submit a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help. :wink: Please keep in mind that it may take some time for them to respond, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately. :smile:

I sent them one over a week ago and they replied with a list of things to do I did all of them and it still didn’t work so I replied back. It took 5 days to respond saying because it took them so long to respond I had to create another ticket so I did and I still haven’t had any response

You’ll need to wait for a reply to the second ticket then. Since there is a very high number of tickets coming in, it takes a while for the team to answer back. We apologize for the inconvenience. :frowning:

They know exactly why it’s happening just don’t want to tell you on forums. So attached is the supports reply to this problem that I received and still waiting on them for over 3 weeks.

By the end of the year this problem is going triple if hey refuse to make it a priority and fix it!

What is your definition of “immediately”.2 weeks 1 month Etc. ?.. my definition is 7 days tops.

Be honest with the kids on here and tell them wait time is about 2 weeks for initial reply and another 2 weeks to reply to customers reply.

And please I would LOVE to be proven wrong but looks like plenty of customers on here who can attest to the validity of my comment.

Have you tried using the two “solutions” Episode gave you? I don’t know whether to clear my gamestate or not since I have not been able to successfully read stories.

Have you gotten any luck with this issue I’m currently experiencing the same thing - don’t know what else to do - I reinstalled / erased my phone etc the app still doesn’t work

Yes it took them almost a month to get back to me. Bottom line their servers can’t handle large saves for readers with a lot of stories read. So it will take a few weeks for them to reply at which point they will tell you to logout of your account so they can wipe it out and you will need to start all over again from scratch.

I made sure that they added all the passes I paid for the last two years. Even if you never have made any purchases You need let them know that they need to compensate you for all the time you spent and loss of progress. You as a consumer have rights.

But yes no solution they are going to reset your account where you will need to start from scratch

While I waited I just started a new account. Just download the app on someone else’s iPhone or iPad that does not use episode. Once you open app up go to setting and either screenshot or send the account username and password to yourself. Than go onto your episode account go to setting and select transfer game from another device and input the passcodes.

Before you do this make sure to send yourself or screenshot your current account passcodes and support ID code so that you can transfer back into it once the incompetent episode customer service restart and credit your account.

Pain in the ass but unfortunately it’s only solution.

Feel free to ask for any help with transfer if needed. I am just a junkie and couldn’t go weeks with no episode and why I started a new account until they wiped out my original account.

Good Luck

Anita Pescara

Thanks so much - I’m obsessed with the app - hence I’ll do the whole reset process other than o would have straight up deleted them - this isn’t the first time the app doing crap - they need to get there ish together tho ppl can’t be supporting you an been treated this way .

I have all my favs been updated and I can’t continue probably that really sucks