Project: Bad Boy


Hello everyone! So, today I thought of starting a project called Project: Bad Boy.

What is it about?

We all know how bad boys are “famous” in the episode community. They’re “cold”, “ruthless” and handsome as portrayed by most people. So today, I thought of an idea which might not be all creative but it’s worth the shot. I had a thought that I, with the help of you guys in the forums. Would write a story about Bad Boys and do the following.

  • Write a story filled with cliches and tropes.
  • Make the story filled with expected dialogue. (basically the whole story in general.)
  • Plus crappy spot directing!!!
  • See how the people of the episode community react to it.
The Goal.

I just want to know and see how people still interact with bad boy stories since they now have received a lot of hate. I will stop this project 2 months after the story is released to see if it exceeds 100, 1000 or even 10,000 reads. :joy:

Here's the catch!

It will not be publicly announced that it’s a “parody” or whatever. I will make it look like it’s a legit story.

Help I will be needing from you guys.

Since this is only a project, I will not put all my attention on it, mainly because I am writing my own story. So if you would to be a part of this then please assist me with the following.

-A large and small cover for my story. (an edit if you can.)
-A sound and mature themes and language splash.
-An intro and outro.
-Help with the plot itself
(I will give credit to you ofc)

Thank you for reading, if you would like to help me even if not in the things mentioned above, please dm me here on the forums or on instagram @huwayda.episode :smile:
Thank you and have a good day!


This sounds like such a funny idea :joy: I’m excited to see the results


If you need covers I suggest going to @cece_hunter ! She’s amazing! Look what she made me:


This is funny. A part of me has always wanted to write a “Pregnant by…” story just to see how it would do :joy: but I also don’t want that associated with my name :speak_no_evil: (Nothing against people who write pregnancy stories, but they’re just not my style. I already have one cliche story which I hide from my profile, I don’t need two ahhaha)


At first, I thought about the same thing about the association but hey, it’s worth a shot :wink:



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