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Thanks. I finished as well.

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Thanks, Karlon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hey guys!! Firstly thanks for this thread love :heart:

Title: Lurking Shadows

Genre: Drama

Story style: Limelight

Story cover:

Description: MARNYE REED is pushed into the world of money and secrets… Including 4 devilishly handsome guys. Will she play their game? Or will she make them play by her rules?

Chapters available: 1 to 3 chapters published.

Story link:

Instagram handle: @epi_val2209

Are you actually interested in doing R4Rs, (since this is a R4R thread)? You commented on this thread before and never started a R4R.

hey… yes i’m interested in R4R :relaxed: :yellow_heart:

If you’re interested in a R4R, can you let me know when you’ve read my story and send screenshots?


Thanks so much for the thread​:hugs::hugs::hugs:… This is my first episode story… Feel free to guide and review my story

Title: My love My enemy

Author: Joy

IG username: Joy_episodestories

Description: The story talks about a girl who has so much hatred for a guy who was once her crush.

Story link:

Style: Limelight

Genre: Romance, drama

Chapter: 6 ongoing

I’ll check out your story after I receive proof that you’ve read mine (if you’re interested in a R4R). I don’t wanna be ghosted again.

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No problem… I will send proof soon

hi lovely! i am ellie brooke, author of Little Lies :sparkles: :slight_smile: I’d love to do a read for read with you, just let me know if you are interested!

Thank you <3

Title: Little Lies
Author: Ellie Brooke
Genre: romance/drama
Chapters: 21 out soon!
Instagram: els.episode

We already did a R4R on your story Little Lies.

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oh thats right! sorry about that