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My friend EpisodeGlitz and I worked together on this idea. She is my friend (in real life) and we worked hard on it. Her account has been suspended until 3019! So she will not be able to continue with the rp.


At Summerville High it’s a new year, a new experience, a fresh start, but still the same old Bonbon Association, the mean girls of the school, also known as the Candies. The purpose of the Bonbon Association? To rule the school, host the biggest parties and organise the schools events, and yes, that includes… PROM! The BIGGEST night of the year for the full school, and prom isn’t prom with the Prom King and Queen. The prom winners at Summerville High is like no other, it is on everyone’s mind 24/7. Why? You may ask, well…

If you win Prom Queen at Summerville High, ALL members of the Bonbon Association are kicked out and the Prom Queen is automatically the leader, she can pick two of her closest friends to join her, then throughout the year they will start the cycle of recruiting new members, hosting parties and organising events.


How will you get your vote?:
It’s all up to you…

(Being accepted into the Bonbon Association automatically gives you a 50% boost of votes added on to your original amount! For example:

If you had 6 votes already and you were part of the Bonbon Association you would get 50% of those votes added on to create your total amount, which would be 9.)


You can reserve characters but if you do not submit them in 3 days, the space will be open again. If you’re super busy and need an extension then please ask and I’ll be sure to give you one.

Rules for Roleplay

  • We will do a vote to see if you would like third or first person POV.
  • Write your character’s name above the post in bold.
  • This will be semi-advanced, so please write 5-10 sentences (one paragraph) in each post. No one sentence posts and you need to have more than just dialogue.
  • Please use the blur spoiler to cover all your curse words.
  • OOC conversations must be done in the Sign-Ups thread.

There are no open spaces for the Bonbon Association but as I mentioned more people will be recruited throughout the RP.

I am hoping to start the RP towards the end of May. However, we need more Male characters so we can have a semi-equal ration.

Thanks so much to @Cara_writer for helping us with the sign-up form!

Sign-Up Form
Relationship Doc


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Reserve for a female! (Parrt of the bon bon society)

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Reserve for a female that is part of the Bon Bon Society


Reserve for one male apart of the Bon Bon Association


Sorry there were only two spaces open and they have been reserved :confused:


Wait I’m confused


There was two open spaces available for the Bonbon Association. So when we started the rp they would already be in it but they have been reserved.
More people will be recruited along the way in the rp


oh ok then just reserve for a male

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@episode.loverr I submitted ^^ Can’t wait to start!

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Thanks! Can’t wait either :partying_face:

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@episode.loverr shoot I called her Harper in my descriptions :joy: I meant heather



:joy::joy: It’s ok I’ll change it for you

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Reserve me a male character, please!

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Hello! I’d like to reserve for a female and male (: I’ll be making them later tonight and if not, then tomorrow.

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That’s ok, thanks for signing up :blush:

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reserve for a female and a male

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Reserve a male and female

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Thanks :joy:

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Reserve for one female.

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@episode.loverr I’m going to have to leave this rp due to that fact that I’m going to be taking a break. Sorry for any inconvenience

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