Prom Tuxedos for females

Hey guys! So prom is coming up and I’m looking for tuxedos to wear, and In my very conservative town it’s kind of daunting to go into a shop that sells tuxes for men and try one on. Does anyone have any online shops that might have some smaller sizes? I really want a classically male (even though clothes shouldn’t have a gender) suit. My girlfriends dress is blue so I’ll definitely need a blue tie but that’s easier to find. Any help is appreciated. :rainbow_flag:


May I ask what continent you live in? I can find a website in which will be convenient to you <3

And yay! I’m so proud of you!!

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I’m live in the US.

Okay, here are some stores that have good female tuxedoes!

-Forever 21
-JC Penny
-Shein (My personal favorite)

Or you could look on pinterest, find one you love, and go to their website!

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Little black tux makes super hot, but still normal-looking tuxes for women. I’ve wanted one forever. Here’s the link! :blush:

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i am of no help, but good luck!
and btw i love that you want to wear a tux!
i’d totally wear one if had a girlfriend, or just to a formal event. :joy:

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