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Hi! I just published a new story, if you would want to read it and tell me what you think I would ve so happy!
Title : Dead Woman Walking
Author : @evelinawrites
Genre : Drama
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 3
Description: Hannah had it all, she was popular, handsome boyfriend and many friend. But something terrible happenes and all of the sudden Hannah is alone. Will Hannah be able to move on or will she break down?


I hope you’ll like my story!

Name: Coincidence or Destiny


Aurora loved her life, but during the summer she met a boy and her life starts to change completely

The meeting was coincidence or destiny?

Chapters: 12

Genre: Drama

Style: Ink

Instagram: kateb_episode




Hay guys!
Here’s my first story.
Enjoy and have fun! :slight_smile:

Title : The roses killer
Author: Rosenspitze
Genre: Mystery/ Thriller/ Drama
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 9 (more episodes coming soon)
**Description:**Will you be able to successfully complete this case, or will the demons inside you stop you? (2 Endings)
Instagram: rosenspitze.episode



Title: Miss Greyson
Author: Lex Anonymous
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10+more coming
Description: An aspiring singer from Las Vegas breaks up with her psycho ex boyfriend and travels to her friend’s wedding in Brazil where her adventure begins.



If you would like to read my story The Lost Princess it would be awesome. Im always looking for new stories to read myself.

Author: T.Sofia
Chapters: 5
Description: 7 Kingdoms, 1 broken rule and 1 lost princess. Will she ever find her way back home? Read and follow the adventures of Princess Stella and her boys.

You can’t customize since they need to look a certain way. You will understand when reading :slight_smile:
There will be choices eventually, I’m still introducing the characters.



Thank you :smile:


Name: Emerald Falls
Author: JJ
Style: Ink
Genre: Thriller (Action/Romance)
Episodes: 10 (Ongoing)
Description: What happens when Good Girls like Bad Boys. Sparks will ignite, and Bullets will fly so strap yourselves in for a ride of Twists, Turns, Murder and Love in Emerald Falls.


Hey! This is my story, hope you give it a try.

Title : Who We Are.
Style : Limelight.
Genre : Comedy.
Description : Penny just arrived at her dream college. Will she be able to handle classes, friendship and most importantly, love? Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the crazy ride.
Link : click here!

Cover :