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Hereโ€™s my story, let me know if ur interested :blob_hearts:

Title: The Apartment
Author: Sapphire (:
My Instagram: @ episodesapphire
Description: Mila, Emma and Benji living together in the city often leads to some chaotic situations. But things seem to be looking up for them at least.
Genre: Comedy
Story Cover:

Story Link:

Yes Iโ€™d love to!! I send you the screenshots by PM and feedback (if itโ€™s needed) after I finished reading your story.

Love A-W

Sure which story?

Hey! Would you like to do r4r?
Story Title : Lies [6 Out Now]
Genre : Drama (+ Romance and mystery)
Style : Limelight
CC : Full CC for MC and LIs
Instagram : @/anustories
Description : Life hasnโ€™t always been fair to you, but a surprise invitation to LA completely turns your life around. And now everything is perfect, or is it all just an illusion?
Cover :arrow_down:

Link :

Sure, I will send you screenshots soon

6x6 is good! Iโ€™d you maybe have 8 episodes by now though could we do that instead? :speak_no_evil:

Yes it fine. Iโ€™ll send you screenshot soon.