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I’ve revamped my story, I would love it if you would check it out.

Story Description: You thought Ansel Reynolds was a cure for your pain, but instead he’s there to cause more trouble, be careful.


Do you want to do r4r?
Title: Unexpected love

Author: Alyssa

Description: Emma’s journalist and is in serious trouble. What will happen when her only solution is to make a deal with Logan? The mysterious soccer player who finds a secret behind him.

Genre: Romance

Style: LL

Episode: 5

Instagram: @_alyssa_episode



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we have done a r4r before:)

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I’m sorry!

Don’t apologise, it’s fine:) xx

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Hey I’m waiting for update :blush: this story is amazing and deserves milion reads I’m @lea_author from IG

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Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it means a lot to me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: next chapter will be out very soon

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Yay can’t wait to read :blush::heart::heart:

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Hello guys!
This is my first Episode story!
It’s romance with drama!
I have published 16 episodes so far
The first episodes are a little boring and there are some mistakes with directing, zooms and spots, but I will fix these
I have revamped already the first 6 episodes…
If you want check it out and I’m available for r4r!
Thank you in advance!
This is my link :

hey, do you have instagram, so I can message you there about the r4r?:slight_smile:

Heyy! Yep! My name is theo.episode00
Today I did and some changes in the first 6 episodes! <3

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