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Okay I will watch it soon


GUYS, My story name is “Fantastical: The Lost Princess”, also if you read it I know the ending is weird


Hi @Maggy, I love your cover!


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Hey everyone,
I’ve just published a new story, so I thought I’d just drop it here…


Title: One of the Girls
Author: Amberose
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
Description: Nobody could have prepared Jesse for his first year of college. Why? Because the college administrations board has officially enrolled him as a female.


Hi @casper_new1,

I started reading your story, I just finished chapter 2.
I will send you screenshots to your private message inbox :slight_smile:

All the best to you!


I’ve made a story!!! The first few episodes aren’t the best becasue it’s my first story but hey, I’m trying,.

Title: Insanity
Author: Psycho story
style: INK
Number of episodes: 10 (more on the way)
Genre: Thriller
description: poppin’ poppin’ ballons with guns
gettin’ high on helium

Yeah,I know the title is weird but… hey. I’l probs change it anyways


EVERYONE! Please read my story!

Title: Fantastical: The Lost Princess

Author: Abstract_Casper

Style: LimeLight

Number of episodes: 3

Genre: Fantasy

Description: When the Princess goes missing, the king sends you and a elf to find her. Can you find her before you be banished?


Here’s my new story deets:

Title: Perfect You
Author: KM
Epsiodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre: Drama/romance
Instagram: epy_km
Description: Lily’s life aren’t anything special, what happen when she meet Derek? Drama and love enters, and everything goes upside down! Media after her, can Lily take it? CC


I have 3 stories:


•Title: Revenge Is Best Served With…
•Author: shantastic1999
•Genre: Thriller/Comedy/Fantasy
•# of episodes: 3
•Description: You initiate a deadly revenge on your cheating boyfriend, but will you regret it and save him at the last minute? CC
•Title: Human?
•# of episodes : 12
•Genre: fantasy
•Style: ink
•Author: shantastic1999
•Description: An evil potion, magical beings, murder, and new enemies. That’s so NOT what Luciana signed up for when she slid into a bar.

•Title: Just For Him [EPISODE 1 & 2 ONLY]
•Style: ink
•Genre: drama
•Author: shantastic1999
•Description: Being too broke to afford treatment for her dying dad, Zoey is left with the last resort of accepting a scientist’s offer — doing his dirty work in return for a cure. CC

More episodes of this story will come!



Story Title: Fantastical: The Lost Princess

Author: Abstract_Casper

Genre: Fantasy and Mystery

Style: LimeLight

Description: When the Princess goes missing the King sends you and an elf to find her! Can you find her or be banished from the kingdom forever?!


Title: Tough Love
Author: Lana-Ashley
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Genre: drama
Description: He hurts me, he’ll shout and hit and punch and scream…but he says it’s just tough love.

Thank you so much, please read and share!!



This is my story, Trapped. It’s about a girl who is sent to a snobby boarding school and then becomes the bad girl after a heartbreak. Then a mysterious stranger comes along and gives her a deal she can’t refuse…
My user on episode is Meadow Heller and it’d be so cool if you’d check it out I only uploaded it yesterday and there r only 3 chapters (so far) I’m working on chapter 4 right now actually lol x
I’ll be sure to check out all the other stories on this thread coz they all look amazing!


Name: The Ember Moon Pack
Description: What happens to your life when you get kidnapped by a pack of Hybrids that claim that you are their sacred Queen? Customize ALL Characters, Choices Matter, 5 Endings, Mini games
Chapters: technically 3 bc ch 2 is customization
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Instagram: emberpackepisode :smile::heartbeat:


Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Description: Kadence is a powerful essence with a troubled past. Will she be able to embrace her power in time to save her realm or will darkness consume her?
Link: HTTP://
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Description: You’re living a life of crime. While on the run you meet a naive stranger. Will he become collateral damage? Or will he fall for his unlawful desires and join you on a crime spree?

Here is the link


I Currently have 12 Episodes out. :smile:
Title- Hidden Behind Lies…
Author- Chy.dillon
Genre- Romance/Will be action
description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Kept in the dark all your life, the truth slowly unravels…Is it what you expect?..

story link_