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Hi I’ve read and in the middle of reading LGBTQ stories. I love them, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of some that maybe I’ve missed - any recommendations would be great. I much prefer limelight stories. Thanks


Love Me Not.

Falling In Love has an lgbt option, a lot of others do too. that’s one of my favorites tbh. Bisexual Bachelorette is pretty good, there’s Playing Her Game which is also good.

also i don’t want to be annoying but my story has a lesbian MC it’s called Inner Circle by zapcatini

My Story
Bad Behavior
Author: Aaliyah Ali
Has LBGQT in it if you want to check it out.

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Living in the moment by @EmpressVanessa

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Supernatural Desire by JemU776
Unknown Past by Sayanjali Rizvi

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Thank you everyone, I’ve got them on my favourites and I will defiantly be giving them a read. Keep them coming if you can, really appreciate it.

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All of these stories are in Limelight, as you prefer that style.


Thank you so much. I’ve read a few of them but there is many that have caught my eye. Appreciate the long list and my preferred style :smiley:

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I will defiantly check that out, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for recommending Sherlock in Love. That makes me heart happy. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Lex! :blue_heart:


Falling in love, can I ask who’s it by? And I’ll defiantly give it a read, thank you.

i don’t remember right now, but it’s on trending romance

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Emerge - Elle_episode
Falling for the popular girl - knickari
Claimed by the werecat - Alexa
How to be a princess - Margo vincent
Two’s a charm - Atreus
Dark raakel - lani
Skeptics and believers - piccalilly
Blackout - Amy June
Wasted youth - asimanthii
Contagious - Lenny was here
Kiss the girl - Beth
Game not over - edera
Playing her game - Beth (sweet charity)
Dirty little secrets - cindy gaultier
Competitive edge - piccalilly

Thought I’d mention some of the ones I’ve read or still on reading

Story: Deadly Lesbian Secrets
Author: Chida
Description: Who can you trust in a world filled with secrets and stalkers? Especially if those secrets can get you killed.
Link :
Most of my stories are LGBT :slight_smile:

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Check out my new story, a gay rom-com called Countdown to Marriage! It’s a sequel to my first Episode story, Mr. Robinson. Thanks for reading!

Tysm for making this thread! Here’s mine:
Title: AW: Everything In Between
Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Romance
Summary: In 2025, heroes all around the world are being mysteriously killed and murdered. Will Lyric and the cocky superhero he hates be able to solve the case? [LGBT/MALE MC/DIVERSITY]

Amazing story by: Mysterious

Genre: Fantasy

Here’s my new story, First Time For Love. It’s a light rom-com style story about a college guy who’s waited his whole life for that one big moment, but somehow becomes tangled up with the bad boy at his school.

INSTAGRAM: @robertolocowrites
OTHER LGBTQ STORIES BY THIS AUTHOR: Mr. Robinson and Countdown to Marriage

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: First Time For Love (LGBTQ)

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